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Technical Support and Service


Lately customer service for anything has evolved into a mind-numbing, ulcer-generating experience. In the PC world the support conundrum is magnified because nearly every PC or component manufacturer has outsourced their support (to save HUGE dollars).

Here starts the typical support scenario: You have a support problem with something, say getting an internet connection. You call the first likely support number, in this example the internet service provider (ISP). After waiting 20 minutes you get a non-English speaking, scripted technician who barely understands the problem. After an hour of following vague instructions, the problem is not fixed and now you get an error each time you boot. The tech says “You must contact the antivirus software manufacturer”, knowing full well that it will take a week. ‘The blame game’ has begun.

At Triangle PC Depot, our goal is to provide you with the very best support possible and solve your problem. Although we may not know all the answers, we can usually tell you exactly what you need to fix the problem. Please check out our support options.

Changes Effective August 1, 2005


Over the years we have provided free support not only to Depot PCs but to non-Depot systems, peripherals and networks. Triangle PC Depot will continue to provide free lifetime support for our custom-built PCs provided you remain the original owner. Various forces require us to limit the scope of that free support using the following guidelines, assuming you are the original owner:

Free Telephone Support

Basic troubleshooting will always be provided for Depot systems, peripherals and software issues. If we cannot solve your problem, we can generally define the trouble and provide you with resources on how to solve it. Non-Depot hardware and applications are not generally covered but free support may be given at our discretion.

Simple home networking will be covered if our networking hardware is in place. Business networks are not covered regardless of hardware. Again we reserve the right to provide basic free support.

Free support for basic issues with Depot-supplied operating systems (Windows 2000, XP) will be given. Old operating systems (Windows 95, 98, ME) are included, but keep in mind these systems degrade over time and Microsoft no longer supports them. You may be required to upgrade to a newer operating system to solve your problem.

Removal of spyware or viruses will not be covered under our support.

Free In-Shop Support

In certain cases, the PC may need to be seen for the issue to be resolved. Bringing it to the shop may be the only cost-free way to get it fixed (unless you have an onsite support agreement).

Billable Telephone Support

When you call the Depot for support and explain the issue, we will determine if the attempted resolution will be free or billable. Payment options will then be decided. Using the above guidelines if your issue does not qualify for free support, the cost is $5 per 5 minute block for both business and end-user support. The minimum per call charge is $5. Currently we are in the process of developing a monthly retainer-based schedule for those who want a flat fee for a larger block of support time.