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What We Do at The Depot in a Nutshell
+ Repairs and upgrades
+ Telephone service and support
+ Data transfer and backup



The Depot endeavors to provide two-day turnaround for system repairs and upgrades. We will almost always quote the service charge up front, based on our regular service charge fee schedule. read more...

Technical Support

Our goal is to provide you with the very best support possible and solve your problem. Although we may not know all the answers, we can usually tell you exactly what you need to fix the problem. Please check out our support options. read more...

Special Feature: Build Your Own

Take the mystery out of your computer! For a $60 charge, in addition to the cost of the computer itself, you can build your own Triangle PC Depot system yourself with step-by-step instruction from a live human (not a video, not a book).

You'll build your computer from the ground up, assembling the case, attaching the motherboard, installing the video card and drives, and so on, all the way through installing and configuring Windows - then you're ready to take your system home and use it. The process takes 2-3 hours, so please call at least several days before you want to build your system.

To Find Out More

Please contact us.