Importance of Backups

I've been building and repairing computers for over fifteen years and I can say without any shred of doubt, that no matter what kind of computer you buy, no matter how much you spend on a computer, the hard drive will die. It's not a question of if, but when. It will die.

That leads to 3 rules that you have to follow when you own a computer and you generate any kind of data, be it Quicken, Money, any kind of word processing document, or pictures. In order of importance, the rules are: backup, backup and backup. That goes for any data that you would be lost without if your computer all of a sudden was not there. Please back it up.

At least two times per year, someone brings in a computer with a hard drive that is making a horrendous clicking noise. Sure enough, the hard drive is dead. It will cost thousands of dollars to potentially recover the data from the drive. It's a very emotional response when people have a few years worth of photographs on the hard drive. For families, years of memories are gone.

Today, everyone has some means of backing it up, whether it be a CD recorder, a zip drive, a memory stick, or a floppy drive. If you don't know how to do it yourself or you don't want to be bothered with doing it yourself, please, please, please bring it in and I'll do it for you. It will save your life someday.