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Triangle PC Depot Customer Warranty Information

Purchased By: Depot Customer
On: August 4, 1999
System Purchased: Intel XXX MHz Computer System

The Purchaser is the party who originally receives the system, and/or the agent of that party. Labor is meant to imply in-shop labor only. Onsite service is an extra charge unless a service agreement is in place between the Purchaser and Triangle PC Depot.


Triangle PC Depot has assembled your computer system using factory new components except those listed below:

None (example)

All systems sold by Triangle PC Depot have a full 1-year parts and labor warranty. If within a period of one year after the purchase date the system fails to provide the Purchaser with proper performance as described by Triangle PC Depot and/or the manufacturer's specification for the component(s) in question, the system will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Purchaser. Triangle PC Depot will use its discretion as to whether repair or replacement is necessary. This warranty applies to the Purchaser's system with the exception of the following components:

None (example)

When a warranty replacement is required, a defective component is substituted with either a new or refurbished component. The remainder of the original warranty is applied to the replaced component(s).

Warranty Limitations:

This warranty covers the computer system and the components in the system for the time period(s) as described above. This warranty becomes void, however, in the following circumstances:

  1. Purchaser misuse and/or abuse of the system or any of its components (this includes any electrical damage caused by nonstandard power supplied to the system),
  2. Purchaser upgrade or addition to the purchased system with a noncompatible component that causes damage to the system,
  3. Damage to the original system, either intentional or otherwise, caused by hardware upgrade or alteration that is not performed by Triangle PC Depot, or
  4. Failure of the Operating System (Windows) due to a non-hardware problem.

Should the system be altered by the Purchaser in a way that causes the system to fail or work improperly and that system is returned to Triangle PC Depot for repair, Triangle PC Depot reserves the right to bill the Purchaser as for a standard computer repair (eg. if the BIOS settings are altered and the system is returned for repair). It should be noted that telephone support is available at no charge, and often the problem can be solved in this manner. For technical support, call 544-1151 if you are in the RTP area, collect from anywhere in the continental United States.

Triangle PC Depot is not responsible for incorrect operation of the computer's Operating System after it has been altered by the user (eg. sdding or removing programs).

Triangle PC Depot is not responsible for any loss of the Purchaser's data due to a failure in the purchased system or component. This warranty is nontransferable.

Extended Warranty Note:

The warranty for the system will be automatically extended to two years parts and labor provided the silver security tag on your system in not broken or removed. If you do not have a security tag, there is no extended warranty. Please note that the original warranty remains intact if the tag is broken or removed.

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