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Why Us

Why Choose The Depot in a Nutshell
+ 7-Day Turnaround on new builds
+ 2-Day Turnaround on repairs
+ 2-Year System Warranty
+ NO outsourced support!
+ Repeat customer perks

Who We Are

When Triangle PC Depot opened for business in September, 1992, we set out to help computer users and first-time buyers make a thoughtful decision about what to buy before they bought it, whether it was a $100 upgrade or a $2500 system. We offered (and still do) solid hardware, top-quality installation, and support that was unmatched in our area. Our idea was that if a customer spent money with us, they should have our attention for as long as they needed it, with a written warranty to back it up.

We've grown a bit since then, and today a $2500 system is a rarity (prices have come down considerably), but a top-quality computer system is not, at least not at Triangle PC Depot. Our continuing mission includes a focus on the quality vs. pricing issue.

Parts are cheap, and getting cheaper, but the Depot will never compromise the integrity of a computer system by putting cheap components in it. This is true whether we initially built the system or not. If you spend money with us, you will get the quality and support you expect, and we have a 2-year parts and labor warranty to back that up.


What Makes Us Different

Why should you get your next computer at the Depot? In a few words, service and support. Our systems have solid warranties, but to be honest there isn't a computer manufacturer in business that won't tell you that. We guarantee that priority is given to our systems when they come back for warranty repair. Depot systems don't come back often, but when they do, we clear the bench and resolve the defect fast. It is likely that you will be back up and running in an hour or two.

On the repair and upgrade end of things, we have a policy called Two-and-Out. That means repairs and upgrades are turned around within two working days of receipt. There are exceptions, so call us and talk to a technician about your particular circumstance before you bring in your machine.


Our Warranty

All Triangle PC Depot systems come with a full one-year parts and labor warranty. We put it all right down on paper, and you can read it before you purchase your system on this site's warranty page. Basically, if your system stops working within a year, we'll fix it. If you have our silver security tag still intact (meaning no one else has opened up the computer case), then the warranty is extended for one year, making it two years total.

Our warranty is included - there is no extra charge for it, as with some "service plans". That's because we focus on building computer systems that are as robust as they can be, so they're less likely to have problems - which is a relief to both us and our customers. We invite you to compare our warranty with that of other companies.



Here are recommendations from some of our satisfied customers. Thanks, guys.

from Corey Cooper, Ecko International

"They do what they say at a very competitive price. After-the-sale service is the best. They are above and beyond the rest of the computer sales and service companies I have done business with."

from Charles S. Willis, DDS, PA

"[Triangle PC Depot] has consistently provided our office with affordable, expert computer technology advice. [Mark Bero] has always been available to advise us on how we can more smoothly operate our computer systems.

"[Our hardware system] has operated without flaw.

"I, without reservation, recommend his services to my dental colleagues."

from Kathy L. Davies, DDS, MS

"My dental practice has used the Dentrix Dental Systems computer software for five years. Two years ago, Mark's Triangle PC Depot, Inc. upgraded the hardware on my office computers. A part of that was communicating with the Dentrix people so their light pens and software idiosynchrasies would integrate smoothly into his planned upgrade.

"The computers run flawlessly. His support by phone and in person has been superior. I have since added CD training modules and PC anywhere. Mark's support in these areas has been outstanding. Even when the problem is a software problem, he has communicated with the necessary support people to keep our office computers running smoothly.

"Mark is enjoyable to work with, extremely competent and does not laugh at my stupid questions. I look forward to many more years of his service and support in the ever-changing computer aspect of my dental practice.

"I would be happy to elaborate personally with anyone who may be talking with Mark about computers in their dental practice."


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